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Like A Paradise
Thursday, 16 May 2013 • 14:48 • 0 comments

Heyyyy peeps! It's May and I haven't update for 123445 month already. Lol kidding :P So, I'm officialy 14 now! No, no, no today is not my birthday. My birthday was 3 months ago. I wanna tell you that I'm in new school now. Yup, no more in Dungun :( Well, friends in here(Melaka) are okay, it just that... I don't know. I like Dungun more. Sigh, I miss Dungun.

 Okay, no more being emo. Let's talk about the main title! Do you know what is that logo mean? Yes? No? You guys better know! IT'S EXO COMEBACK YOO! AND IT'S A FULL ALBUM! WARGH TAKE A REALLY DEEP BREATH GUYS! I CAN'T, I SERIOUSLY CAN'T! AFTER 426 DAYS, EXO STANS HAVE WAITING, THEY ARE FINALLY COMEBACK! 

So, they will comeback on 30th May at M!Countdown. Okay, if you want other infos, please check at some  EXO's  fanbases in Twitter. I don't know how to explain it. Sorry ^^ 

And here's some picture of their teaser! (p/s: Pictures are not mine)

OMG Please forgive Xiumin's hair ;~;

I'm laughing at Suho! Hahahaha

I can't find the colour one. Sorry :( 

Oh! Today is Teacher's Day! Happy Teacher's Day to my teachers in SKB7(2007-2011) SMKTIZ(2012) and my teachers where I'm in now! SMKDA :)


So, that's up for today! It's too short right? Sorry again. Bye~

xoxo, The Shining Star
MCM Bags
Friday, 2 November 2012 • 01:11 • 1 comments

 여러분, 안녕하세요 !

Heyyoo waddup! Say hi to November! Hehe :) Look at Luhan up there, isn't he cute? /dying/. Okay okay, I'm boring right now. Oh yeah, today was my last exam. What else? LET'S PARTY HARD! Hahaha xD Actually, we didn't even exam today, we just have to draw. And I think my drawing were the worst among all of them. Huhuhu (not funny -,-)

Let's go to the main title! Yup, MCM bags. You know, Luhan and Lay use this bag. And I do have this bag but.... Should I said it? Okay I think I should. *take a deep breath* okay like I said, I have this bag and............ it's not original /face palm/ Yup, it's not original. I'm not rich as Luhan and Lay. Of course lah, they're an idol, and me just an ordinary girl. 

If I have enough money, I will buy the original one. I browsed the cost and it is RM 201.43. Actually, there have more expensive then this. RM 201.43 are too expensive to me. If I ask my dad to buy me this, I am really sure my dad will never give me. Seriously. Of course lah, it's just a backpack and it cost RM 201.43. 

Oh yeah,  Luhan have 2 colors of MCM bags which are Beige and Light Green. Well, he mostly used the Beige color. Like this -

Beige (I want this!)

This is Light Green. The design is different.

Lay have 3 MCM bags. Just MCM bags, others are not count. I think he have a hundred bags because he's bags always change when there's a fan taken at the airport. And he have a MCM wallets too -_- Such a rich boy, isn't it?

Brown. He mostly use this color. 

Purple. I love purple T.T

This is the MCM Marble Visetos. 

There's a lot artist Kpop nowadays using MCM bags. Oh by the way, mine color is Brown, like Lay too. You know what? Actually I order the beige color to that Kpop Shop Online. Then, when the stuff had arrive, it was brown. I was sad but it's okay, brown is nice too :) 


So that's it, someday I will buy it.

 Okay, thanks for reading! 

xoxo, The Shining Star
We Will Move?!
Friday, 19 October 2012 • 15:56 • 0 comments


I think I didn't online for a month and a half already and the post has change and I'm still not use to it. The post has been upgrade like Microsoft Word Office. Well, that was just form me, I don't know you guys. Hahaha :D So, I will tell you something here. 

Yesterday, after I'm back from school, all I thought was sleep cause I'm so tired plus it was exam that morning. Suddenly, my mum knock the door. I just open the door tiredly. Then my mum look at me and said "Yaa, abah dapat pindah dekat Melaka," I was just stand there and did nothing. I was very shocked. 

Laying on bed while thinking about it... How can this possible? What about my school and my FRIENDS? Thats all I thought that time. Yeah, I really love my friends. They are my precious. I know it's sound cheesy but this is real. Back to the story, after thinking too much, I was asleep. 


I woke up and my mum ask me to dinner. The dinner was silent after my dad break it "Abah tak ada mood nak pindah,"
 Look, even my dad don't want to move esp me. I just nodded. Then my mum asked me "Apa kata yaa tinggal dekat asrama sekolah yaa?" Dorm? No way~! I won't stay at the dorm okay.  "Tak nak. Tak suka lah duduk asrama," I replied.
 I know If I stay at the dorm I will see my friends here but I don't know why I don't like the dorm at my school.
My dad said "Aish, just find the new school at Melaka," He walked away to his room. I know this was hard for him. My mum want to walk to her room too.
Before she walk she said "Ikut yaa lah nak tinggal dekat asrama ke pindah sekolah baru dekat Melaka,"
I just sit there alone. I'm confused. I don't want to stay at the dorm but if I'm not, I will not see my friends again. Aish this is hard. Really hard. 

And I just realise that there's once I said "I wish I can move to other school," So now, this is what I get. I know it's my fault for saying such a thing. I shouldn't be sad right? because I'm the one who said like that. My mum said we will move in 1/11. NOOOOOOO why so early :(  Well, maybe in Dungun have nothing like Jusco, Tesco etc but it still good :)

Oh yeah I haven't tell my dad jobs yet right? I'm always changing the topic lol :P Emm, okay my dad is a director of Polytechnic Sultan Mizan Zailnal Abidin(PSMZA) but now he will be a director of polytechnic in Melaka. I don't know what names of Melaka poytechnic. I'm don't want to surf in internet cause I know I will get the name soon /sigh/ 

To my friends who reading this, I am really reallly sorry if I do make mistakes. Maybe some of you don't like me, but it's okay. I will never hate you all :) I'm sorry if I can't be the perfect friend for you all. I'm sorry if I can't be there for you all when you all have problem. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.. I'm sorry for everything that I have do to you guys! Please don't forget me when I have move to Melaka already. I love you guys :)


Forgive my english up there. Thanks for reading. 

xoxo, The Shining Star
My New Bias!
Saturday, 4 August 2012 • 00:55 • 0 comments

Hi peeps! I didn't update for soooooooooo long right? Miss me? *Not at all* Lol okay! Haha xD Why am I talking to myself? -pttff- forget about it. So, the reason I'm updating blog is I'm gonna tell you new bias. Okay I think this is gonna be a short entry, I guess. or a long entry. I don't know. Alright alright alright.

Let me introduce my new bias! His name is jeng jeng jeng! KIM MYUNGSOO/L from INFINITE. Yeah, now I'm really addict him. Eh, what about AJ? Well, he's still my 1st bias okay. Hehe ^^ So, why i'm SO addicted to this Kim Myungsoo?

Well, it's because I have interest on his eyes -pttff- Okay I start to addict to him since I watch Ranking King. Yeah, that Ranking King, I guess.

You know, at first, I have NO INTERESTING AT ALL WITH INFINITE! Why? because... err nothing. I can't tell you about it. Sorry :( Okay nevermind. And my friend, Dinie like Woohyun and Dongwoo. She said she will kill for those who take them from her. LOL Dinie -.- And and and and my friend Dyana like Myungsoo too. Yup, we're sharing. *macam L tu benda pulak* LOLOLOL xP

 I think Dinie looks like this! /lol/ sorry Dinie.

Now, I have two favourite band. Which are U-KISS and INFINITE. They are my precious. BUUUUUUTTTTTTTTT! There's one more my favourite band. Which is....... EXO! Yup! It's EXO! Which member? IT IS LUHAN! Hehe ^O^

 Isn't he cute? xD

Okay I think this is the end of the story. lol a STORY lah sangat~ hahaha :P
To my dear reader, if I do broken english, please forgive me. And thanks a lot for taking your time to read!


xoxo, The Shining Star
I do Believe you ! you ! you !
Tuesday, 12 June 2012 • 17:56 • 0 comments

Helloooooo you guys! Lama gila saya tak update kan? Okay sorry sangat-sangat. I'm too busy with my school and etc. Okay nevermind about it. Korang tengok dekat tajuk tu mesti dah tahu kan? Tu lyrics daripada lagu Believe! It's a U-Kiss new song! Want to hear it? Okay it's here.

Nama album title dorang ialah The Special to Kissme. Cool right? Hehe :) And guess what? AJ was the one who wrote this PERFECT song! Isn't he cool?!! Yes, he is cool! Haha :D You know what part do I love? Look at here.

Is it a flying kiss? Lol I don't know lah.

Look at his face! This time I was like "Omg! Dongho! *faint" It was true okay. Hahaha

You know what? His was in the toilet with Dongho -.- Creeping Eli~

Dongho looks so manly right? Okay he's ruin my bias list. Sorry Dinie, I'm going take him from you. Lol just kidding xD

Actually I have a lots of my favourite part but this lappy is insane. Pabo lappy! I hate you! Okay it's time for me to stop. Sorry it's just a short post. *bow bow


xoxo, The Shining Star
Tuesday, 1 May 2012 • 00:05 • 0 comments

Assalamualaikum chingu(s) ! Korang baik? Saya terlebih baik. Sebab sebab sebab Dora Dora mv dah keluar! JYEAHHHHH! Korang semua dah tengok? Belum? Okay tengok kat bawah ni. Berseronok la ya!

Okay ni saya nak cerita sikit ni. Boleh kan? K boleh. Sebenarnya macam ni, ingat tak saya ada post pasal Dora Dora mv ni nak keluar pada malam 25 April tu? Saya kata saya nak tunggu but sebenarnya saya tak tunggu pun. K saya penipu. Sorry :(  Saya tak tunggu tu sebab saya penat sangat. Tak tahu la penat pasal apa, tak ingat dah. Jadi saya tak tahu mv tu dah keluar ke belum. Keesokannya, saya tanya la Yana kat sekolah. Saya tanya Yana "Yanaaaaaa, mv Dora Dora keluar dah ke?" Dia jawab "Tak lagi laa," Saya buat muka sedih gila. Lepas tu, Nana pun datang. Dia cakap kan dia tunggu sampai pukul 2 pagi dah tapi mv tu still tak keluar keluar. Kitorang cakap pasal tu je sepanjang masa. Nasib baik la saya tak tunggu kan?


Lepas balik sekolah tu, saya kena pergi Melaka sebab parents saya ada dekat sana. Tinggal la abang and kakak saya je dekat Dungun ni. Jadi saya tak berpeluang nak buka internet sebab kena kemas baju. Dalam perjalanan ke Melaka tu saya text Yana.

Me: Yana, text me if Dora Dora mv is out tonight. Okay?
Yana: Hey it's out already. I've mention you in Twitter. Please check it cause the video just sooooooo PERFECT! :)

Masa Yana text macam tu kan, saya dah macam "Whhhhaaaaaatttttt??!!!!!!!!!!!!" Bukan mv Dora Dora keluar malam tu ke? Rupa-rupanya kan, mv Dora Dora keluar masa 25 April tu jugak. Mv tu keluar pukul 3 pagi lebih macam tu la. Patutnya Nana masuk tidur pukul 3 lah baru boleh tengok mv tu awal-awal. Lepas tu, boleh bagitahu dekat saya awal-awal and then saya pun boleh tengok mv tu awal-awal kan kan kan? And then semuanya ada AWAL-AWAL kan. Lol -.- Sorry saya dah merepek-repek dah ni. K sambung. Saya pergi Melaka hari Khamis and balik hari Sabtu. Saya tak dapat tengok lagi masa hari Jumaat. Masa hari Sabtu tu, saya guna kredit telefon saya untuk buka internet. Asal la saya tak terfikir awal-awal buat macam tu?!! I'm satisfied cause I have watched that mv :) Yana was right, that mv just too PERFECT! Thats all. Bye Bye :D

xoxo, The Shining Star
Last Night and This Night !
Wednesday, 25 April 2012 • 19:34 • 0 comments

Hello hello hello chingu(s) ! Korang tengah buat apa? Saya tengah menaip-naip ni. Hehe^^ Okay tujuan saya buat post hari ni adalah... K dah dah. Macam nak bagi ucapan pulak kan kan? K sebenarnya saya nak cerita pasal semalam(24 April 2012) ni. Starts now!

Okay macam ni. Semalam lepas saya dah bersiap pakai baju sekolah apa semua, saya buka la Twitter sekejap guna Ipad ayah saya. And then, saya ada nampak satu fanbase ni tweet "Tonight we're gonna trend #DORADORA since their(U-KISS) songs release tonight." That time I was like "What??!!" Lepas tu, saya tak tahu macam mana saya boleh buat endahkan macam tu je. Saya pun terus pergi sekolah. Dekat sekolah saya tak kata apa-apa pun dekat kawan saya pasal tu. Kawan saya tu Nana.

Lepas balik sekolah

Balik sekolah tu, saya kena buat kerja sekolah sebab malam tu ada jemputan dinner dengan keluarga sekali. Saya pun buat la. Sambil-sambil tu saya buka Twitter but still tak ingat pasal pagi tu. 


K dah sampai malam tu saya and keluarga saya bersiap. Lepas tu pergi dinner. Okay lepas makan, ada ucapan bla bla bla bla. Saya, kakak and abang keluar sebab boring. And then, kitorang bertangkap gambar lol

 K lawak -.-

Okay dipendekkan cerita. Lepas balik dinner, saya bukak Twitter. And then, semua orang tweet "1 minute left!" Saya pun macam "Apa yang 1 minute left ni?" Saya pun scroll down. Rupa-rupanya pasal lagu DORADORA by U-KISS nak keluar lagu dia. Cuma lagu dia je, not the mv. Timeline saya penuh gila dengan trend #DORADORA ni. Lepas tu kan kan kan, apa yang best sangat nya kan, all the members of U-KISS were online that time! Banyak gila dorang tweet selca! Saya memang dah hyper gila-gila dah masa tu. And #DORADORA got 1st trended worldwide! Good job Kiss Me's!

Hari ni (25 April 2012)

Pagi ni, saya dah tak sabar nak bagitahu kawan saya Nana sebab masa malam semalam tu dia tak online. Dia tak online sebab dia tak tahu pun akan jadi macam tu. Masa saya cerita dekat dia tu kan muka dia almost nak cry. 

Kesian Nana kita. Bukan saya perli eh. Serious ni. Heeee :D Okay laaaaaaa. For this night kan, keluar lah DoraDora mv! JYEEEAAAHHHHHHH! Finally! Sumpah tak sabar-sabar gila! Mesti hari ni pun trend lagi banyak. Kkk kalau dah keluar mv nanti saya akan buat post baru. Eh, hari ni saya akan buat dua post ke? Tak tau la. Maybe yes maybe not. So thats all! 

 Lol Ricky!


xoxo, The Shining Star


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